What Is 186 Visa Agent?

The 186 ENS visa agent is basically the (Employer Nomination Scheme visa). This is a permanent residency visa that requires the sponsorship of the nominating employer. This means that for the skilled workers who have a nominating employer, they can get their permanent residency with their help as well. The ENS (Employer Nomination Scheme) allows the Australian employers to nominate skilled foreign workers who do not have a house or residency of any sort in Australia to come and work under then in Australia as their employees and they promise that they would be given a permanent residency in Australia as a result then under the 186 visa agent Perth.

The process however is not easy, although it is not very difficult, there are just two steps for the process to be completed as well. The first process is by the Australian employer who has to nominate the foreign worker to come and work under him. He has to nominate a worker whose work maybe he like enough to have the parent visa migration agent Sydney implemented and give him a permanent residency in their country. The second step however is that the person who has been nominated to become the employee of the Australian employer, he has to file an application for the visa. The skilled overseas worker would think so high of himself as he is being called to the other side of the world because of his skills and the demand he has is such that the country that is calling him is giving or we can say providing him with permanent residency, that is how much they want the skilled worker to be there and work for them as well.

The oversea skilled worker has to be assured that he would not be exploited as now the Australian government would make sure that the foreigner would be paid at least the minimum market salary rate so that they do not struggle while they are living in a completely new state as they were not the original residents of this state as well. Although for the employer to nominate this overseas skilled labor person, and for the worker to apply for the visa application there is a condition of the skilled worker to have at least three years of working experience so that he can get the permanent residency under 186 visa as well. Otherwise he would not be eligible to be getting all the benefits associated with it at all then. The age criteria are that that all the people who have been nominated should at least be younger than the age of a 45-year-old person, being older would not make them eligible for the post.