Modern Day Jobs

The basis for the opening of different jobs or employment is the industrial revolution that erupted in the eighteenth century. Before the industrial revolution people were mostly farmers or merchants and their jobs were woven mostly around trade among the villages. And only males were allowed to engage in businesses or any trade activity, while females were expected to run the household and to take care of the children. However after the industrial revolution there occurred a stop for this and things changed drastically. Women were also granted an equal opportunity to work as men and there also opened doors for many white collar jobs as people address these days. Employment opportunities were not evolved only around trade and farming but it expanded in different fields and areas nationally as well as internationally.

Accounting and finance.

One field of employment that expanded widely was the field of accounting and finance. At present we can evidence the competition among individuals to pursue a career in the field of accountancy. This is because an self managed super fund Sydney at present has a major acceptability and they are among the highly paid individuals in the society. As to the development in the field of finance, there are bankers, professional financial advisor at Southport, financial analysts and research analysts. They help people invest their earnings in a well affective manner according to their need.

Social media

In the past there were no social media therefore there were no social media workers; however the trend of online networks and online jobs arose only during the very recent history. This has paved the way to many individuals who have been suffering from unemployment. The peak of having an online job is that people are able to work to international companies from their homes using a small laptop or computer. Social media also helps individuals who are not recognized to be popular through various things they post and thereby would gain them popularity, fame and money.

Medicine and science

Another field where there occurred a major expansion in employment opportunities was Medicine and Science. The acceptance of scientists was considerably low in the past as there arose various religious issues. And all types of scientists and doctors were categorized to one category alone. Whereas at present we find that there are different scientists for different fields such as biologists and meteorologists, and also different doctors treating for different diseases or different parts of the body, for example, gynecologists, neurologists, general physicians and heart specialists.Therefore, at present the rate of unemployment has reduced immensely and the introduction of new jobs has caused the society to discover new things and develop technologically.