As a child I was always mesmerised by the water features in a garden , in the nineties back when I was a kid only the richest had such let’s say ‘’ fancy’’ gardens and it was a treat of sorts to come across one or to be even invited to a house with one. That is partly what drew me to this industry, my childhood fascination with garden fountains and that little girl with a love for all things ‘’garden’’ has indeed come a long way since then.Striking water features bring in a touch of elegance to any garden. It mostly makes me think of a magical or mystical land, something away from the everyday chaos of life. A water fountain is a great place to collect and compose yourself, it is hands down the best place for thinking and I have come up with ideas for my best work right there. landscaping northern beaches

North Shore landscaping is not only my profession but my passion and I am one of the lucky ones who have being able to make a career out of what I love and I genuinely feel that is what makes my work more sincere and special.No project is to big nor too small for my team and I. building a garden from scratch or looking to give you’re a face lift . We have all the right things and attitude to help this transition happen and would like to take care of it for you from A to Z. Typically landscaping involves Tiling and Paving, Pathways & Driveways, Stonework, Stone carving, Timber decks, Brick and Block work, Water features, Retaining walls and Staircase but if you have a concept of your own we are ready to make it happen for you and we will even throw in a little bit of our pixie dust for that little touch of magic.

The tricky part about being landscapers is that I feel I am trusted with a very private part in my client’s life, their garden is an interpretation of their life style and their general taste in decorations and that means I am treading on very shallow waters. When zeroing in on any idea or feature I have to stop to think if it makes sense to them. As much as I like them I would never go in for a dip in fountain for a client with a toddler just learning to walk or go in for sandstone stairs for a client with a bad back.When I am entrusted with a project I am working not only to please my client, but myself too. Like I said this is just not my bread and butter, there is a whole lot more to it.