Place Your Order And Sit Back

You can place order through a call, email, and fax or on their web page. The procedure is simple, you enter the relevant words in the search bar and enter and displayed before you are the desired products. Once you have chosen the items you want to shop all you have to do is click on them and after deciding on the number in case you are buying more than one set of pocket knives for instance add them to your shopping cart. It is a symbol to a shopping trolley you use while shopping at a mall the difference being that it odes the calculations as well letting you know your total bill. You can even continue shopping for more products after adding the first one to the cart. You can always go back to the cart and add and delete items from it if you change your mind but remember this is only possible before you have placed the order, because once you click on order, you cannot change it. Go here  for more information about opinel knives for sale. 

The next step is to create an account by entering your email d and password if you have not shopped online at Mauviel copper pots before, in case you have then you do not need to register you directly login and continue. Enter all the required details such as your contact number and address of delivery and recheck them before signing out and also keep safe the receipt they have issued online. They stress on the importance of entering the exact location where the parcel is required, otherwise, you will be charged extra cargo charges and endure delay as well.

Then you have to make our payment through your card, so please have with you along, enter details such as its number, code and the date of expiry etc. to proceed with the order. Then select the method of shipping that you would prefer. Delivery charges are dependent upon various factors such as the weight of your parcel and how far away it is to be delivered. After you place your order online, and they have received it, they send an email letting you know of the placement of your order.

As a business organization they provide services only in Australia through the postal service during working hours. Once the product is delivered you are supposed to sign in a confirmation document, in case you are not at home or at office at that time, the parcel will not be handed over to anyone else. Your purchase is then dropped at the nearby collection center, from where you have to collect it within a limited time they allot you, if you fail to do so, the parcel returns back to the retailer. For delivering again you will be required to pay the shipping cost again. Usually after an order is placed it is delivered at the buyers address within two to three days, maximum within a week. In case your order has not been delivered, you can enquire about it through your order number as it would help in locating the position of the parcel.