Stones For The Whole House

In the modern world giving a house, an attractive look is more common than the era before. For this purpose, we are always in search of unique styles that are budget friendly as well as classy at the same time. Not only has this but we also want to have colour patterns and combinations reflecting our personality in a positive way. Use of different kinds of stones like marble, granite, and quartz in various areas of the building is in fashion also giving us the relief through their texture in respective places.

For kitchen bench tops Melbourne is more suitable due to its durability and other characteristics. This stone is a man-made material formed by the crystallization of sand.  Because of this process, the stone we get is less porous and stronger than marble and granite. The other satisfactory reason to use quartz is, it is easy to maintain for a long period of time. The polish of quartz makes it a less absorbent substance this is why it is not burdensome to keep the kitchen clean. Application of quartz in restroom sounds well too because again it is easily maintained and you do not have to worry about the fungus in the corners.  Granite can be a good option for these areas. People who like to go fancy they install marble sinks, bathtubs and counters in the washrooms.

The areas which are mainly for walking purpose should be covered with natural marble. Natural marble is not shiny enough and is also porous but this quality makes it less slippery. It is too hard to walk on slippery surfaces.  For the exterior flooring of the house, granite is a good option. Rock formed from volcanic activities in an area is called granite. You can get a wide range of unique colour combinations in granite. It adds the edginess to the whole exterior look.

Bedrooms, your personal space to spend alone time is also important. It completely depends on person to person how he wants to see his room. Of course, why not? The decor of the room depicts the unique personality of an individual. Natural marble tiles are a great choice to use them in the bedroom flooring.

In gardens, marble benchtops convenient for benches as it is a heat resisting material. We can get a marble fountain for our gardens. It will also withstand the harsh weather changes that may ruin our wooden plastic or steel furniture. It is classy and will resist the heat from the sun as well. Italian marble is accepted as the world’s number marble up till now. Italian marble is used in royal buildings since old times. Granite can be used for the garage. 

Of course, these are just suggestions everybody has their own opinion and way to see the material and own idea of utilising something like a piece of art. Bring in the idealistic image of your house and make your dream come true.

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