The Engineering Of Infrastructure Foundation

Before any construction of any structure begins, thorough planning is first required, of course. And among the things that are given careful consideration is the type of foundation that goes along with the erection of the building, which could translate to the structure’s integrity and stability, especially in the longer run. But there is actually one type of foundation that is both economical and easy to install. What we’re talking about? Why, it’s the screw pile foundation.

Foundation: the ground itself

So, screw pile is among the options for construction foundation. When a type of foundation is chosen, it is usually dependent on the type of soil to which the structure will be built. The type of soil may be affected by the topography of the site; it may depend on whether there is an increased amount of water table on the construction area. If a typical slab is used for these kinds of ground, the building may distort caused by frozen moisture down below that would swell the foundation to the above layers. The solution for these wetland-sort of ground is piling Sydney by utilizing screw pile foundation.

Screw for stable structures

Screw pile is a type of infrastructure foundation that became exclusively popular in bigger projects due to its easy ground penetration, however only recently it was used in residential constructions. What screw piles installation are basically is that they are cylinders with helices, similar to the sides of a regular screw. They are designed to cut through the ground as they penetrate the soil, until it reaches a certain depth. Upon reaching the target length, concrete are added to fix the foundation in place. Obstacles are not an issue with this foundation, making it more tight and secure.

Advantages of screw piles

Follow here are the major benefits why a lot of construction projects are preferring this screw pile technology as their foundation. They are actually easily made, so there’s really not much of a waiting time before the construction starts. Aside from that, they are easily installed, further maximizing time. Screw piles also cost less compared to other types of foundations, but are very reliable and extremely durable giving high economic value for the use of such.

Where not to use screw piles

There are also limitations for this foundation type, as it is not advisable for soils with gravels or cobbles. Since they are especially helpful for wet ground, rocky layers are also its weakness.Screw pile foundation are actually gaining more popularity among modern house contractors. Their great value is truly sought as they can make strong foundations, while also saving up for the costs.