Raised Storage Area Is The Smart Storage Solution


The warehouse is important for any business especially critical for manufacturing or retail. But the first problem when it comes to warehousing is the space. As in cities like Melbourne, the real estate is very expensive and it seems to be difficult to allocate finances for the warehouse space. Whenever the space is owned for a warehouse, the business owners try to make the most of it. This is the reason that the pallet racking or long span shelving was used. These elements can help to enhance space utilization and make warehousing cost-effective. But due to space constraints, there is always a need for a creative solution to accommodate more inventory in limited space. Because instead of increasing the area of the warehouse, space enhancement solutions are a bit cheaper like a raised storage area. The raised storage area is the common solution that can be seen in many warehouses. The raised storage area has helped the business to expand their business and inventory, with capitalizing more space utility per square feet. There are some essential reasons, why the raised storage area has become very common especially in Australia, and for the business operating in cities like Melbourne.


You have your current warehouse where you already installed the pallet racking up to a certain extent and you have been using this warehouse for many years. Now there is a sudden change in your business plan, you are introducing a new product line and your current racking system may not be the ideal fit for it. But you have a void available above the height of your racking, you can use that as a raised storage area and install a different type of racking. Like you are using long span shelving in that raised area whereas the pallet racking was used beneath it. This can help you to have different racking in the same warehouse, even in the same ground area.

Saves money:

The raised storage area was introduced to enhance the space utilization and to avoid further costs going into paying money for rent. The growing businesses will be needing cash to enhance their production or inventory, they will prefer to save money on getting more space which can be used as working capital. Plus, you will be saving long term money on rent or lease for the new place. You will be utilizing the whole available space for the current warehouse, which was in the air before.

Working place:

You have utilized a complete ground area for racking and inventory storage purposes in the warehouse but you will be needing space where the staff can sit. There is always a lot of documentation or data entry is needed in the warehouse and you need space in the warehouse. The raised storage area can be perfect for that purpose, you will be saving money on office space and the warehouse staff have the perfect office area. The long span shelving can be used to create the document archive in the same office area.